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Boot greatly alleviate the importance of both the general understanding of the boot to prevent the momentary high-current, so also on the rectifier diodes and capacitors filter life a positive manner, due to start pulse has been suppressed, the more have been the most appropriate use of over-current protection, reached on The largest role in the protection system. Ben borrow a large picture of a test to see whether:

Figure one: the use of small transformer measured the current wave of instant boot-comparison


We used simulation software, the use of buffer 20 ohms resistance simulation of a large transformer that the first 10 months of the current cycle pulse comparison, the swing set than 110/40, filtering capacitor 20000u, resistance transformer 1 ohms:

Figure II: (1) not slow start Ip = 149.5A; (2) slow increase Startup Ip = 7.35A


    On the buffer boot boot current limit of known function, a return Startup buffer less attention to the human functions, when the use of filtering CLC generated by the start of the high-voltage moments (the worst situation for twice the normal voltage) may Circuit elements caused by the lack of pressure damage can not be underestimated, and this resistance level after a small transformer is particularly important; as a result of this lack of damping the LC resonance caused by the shock start an instant high-voltage, buffer boot is provided to suppress the function of CLC plans to use three filtering the output voltage comparison, C = 10000u, L = 10m +0.2 ohm, transformer resistance 0.2 ohms, analog 2 sec; Figure II Figure III shows the importance of the boot buffer.

Figure III: (1) not slow start; (b) A slow start



Note installed

        First of all, finishing with an inventory of spare parts, used to be on the meter measuring parts, I will first detected on January 1, the issue of spare parts to ensure accurate, parts and components in accordance with the order form good classification:

Parts will be a measured, generally three forms of electricity can be qualified as the primary use of cameras has been used as a model LCR table:

First 3 SMD soldering components, the SMD packages are diodes, diode polarity PCB to install icon in the right direction, PCB triangle icon to the top diode is printed on one end of a horizontal line:
The election of a solder joint on the first tin

Cultivate good habits, in order to allow more welding Indeed, all the parts itself pin, to remove possible oxides, in general, I use a clean cotton Acrylic:

The use of clip folder take part in general I used the double-side components reverse folder, the folder is the reverse of the so-called non-application of force is clamping:

Welding, welding has been first on the tin solder joints (iron hand holding the camera had been requisitioned)

Welding process, the proposed power table at any time found some measure, proposed the use of welding process should not be too high-level meter to avoid a variety of meter damage caused by careless:

Re-welded the lower part, PCB resistance layout of this size is 1 / 8 watts specifications, the use of the larger resistance welding on the need to enact the proposed legislation resistance welding with a slight lead exposed Tiefolong sets about casing; welding electrolytic capacitor You need to be careful, PCB is half-Indian and white negative:

C17, C19 before welding, welding first U14013 IC; some attention to the PCB within U1 mark, IC seat mark, with the IC to maintain their own mark in the same direction:

If the IC will foot the entire IC feet proposed revision would make it easier to insert IC Block IC, DIP IC with a new left-foot the whole the most convenient, USED IC or TO-5, TO-99 iron hat with the proposed IC plans The whole right-foot; not the whole foot-users care about, you have no problem!

The whole foot using a simple way, a pressure placed on the IC can:

The whole comparative feet before and after:

D4 install bridge rectifier, D4 have polarity, the installation will take up to the foot of the D4 + + client at the end of the PCB; install 7812, C17, C19, the delay on the part of the circuit to complete; followed by the installation of RT1 ~ RT4 and the Relay, then Ontology of the package is complete, the package under normal use, if the package using the power AC12V, is not to increase regulator IC heat sink, will install the parts were inserted in the PCB the same location of the parts can be successfully installed, as a result of the use of package 25V voltage capacitor filter, the power package, please use the limited voltage AC12V ~ AC15V be more appropriate.


Here's a plus if the 7812 heat sink (not attached to the package) installation:
I used to use silicone insulation film:

As a result of the heat sink more compressed space, in order to avoid capacitance in direct contact with the heat sink, I would location of the installation of C18 and C19 reversed, that is, the C19 loaded 0.1u, C18 loaded electrolytic capacitor; capacitance in order to avoid direct contact with the heat sink and U1 to avoid interfering in the Plug and two electrolytic capacitors to improve a bit, pin capacitance is also put on iron-Fu Long sleeve, attached to the package 0.1u plot layer capacitors, as a result of the removal when I was a little damage, so a substitute for, two Electrolytic capacitors are also afraid of when to remove a little injury and replaced, the C17 is also due to be replaced by 35V voltage, the greater flexibility in the use of such a slow start to enter the L1 power AC12V ~ AC20V can do:

PS: do not heat sink is attached to the safety requirements, and a side of the secondary side in security regulations on the need to maintain some distance in order to avoid high-voltage when struck by lightning as the user into a life-threatening and damage to property, it is strongly recommended that the other does not add heat sink .

Completion of the goods on view:

Should pay attention to other matters:
C5 vital buffer delay, the package is attached to the 33u capacitor should have the right, the user can change, as appropriate, the use of operating 47u capacitor.
The use of seat fuse on board, to be self-20mm tube fuse, on board a small fuse block baffle, when the installation of measuring out, in order to fuse into a smooth:

Possible sources of heat such as the components of the rectifier, RT installed when I used to not close to PCB:

Use of this package, with two plans to explain:

The final test from L1 to join AC12V, and then use a wire directly touch CO4 two PIN, will immediately hear the moves Relay1 sound, L2 at this time between the two Pin, about 10 ohm resistors; In a few short seconds to hear the sound of Relay2 action, L2 when the two inter-Pin for short-circuit (to be released at this time fuse, or otherwise, the amount to 10 ohm!!), Not as a result of the test load, it will not RT1 ~ RT4 heating, the resistance will not drop test To the above situation, you can boil a cup of coffee, relax a bit Hello! Thank you to watch! !