Kits of Speaker protect module Note installed by botton


Realaudio first call on the website circuit and parts Table


part list

Here the note does not contain a link with the remote control module, so there will be no need to install some of the parts.
Without having to install the spare parts list is as follows U2, R6, R10, R11, Q5, CO1, CO2.
First of all packages containing parts inventory in hand with the parts in line with the parts listed in the table.
After confirmation can start the installation


Installation steps:
Generally speaking parts of the installation of spare parts from the beginning with short, the package has SMD Original (can be replaced by plug-in).
So first two SMD Original start the installation. SMD Original installation, it is not difficult, the first spot painted point flux
(Welding oil). Then one end to the tin, Figure.

Then iron-on just the first part of a melt-down, and then tools fix 1N4001 (the big one), cable marked
Part of the triangle in front of the apex. To the spot near the end, after welding good figure.

To be fixed after cooling, re-welding other side, 1 N4148 likewise, is that simple. D1, D2 handle again after
Welding is to resistance, resistance welding the first PCB can be boosted to facilitate the resistance will be inserted into one, can be inserted after
Directly in front first on the tin. Resistance of installation, strongly recommended that the plug-in time, and then test it again in Table 3 of electricity, and then insert
PCB. Plug PCB, in Figure:

In the positive on the tin, then cut off the back of extra-pin. From the back of the tin. This spot would be more attractive°Õ, in fact,
Can also do not have such troubles, directly in the back of the welding like: D. Welding good after the diagram below (in the entire bridge
Flow has been installed, the entire bridge is polar, the installation of Please note that the attention of + the location to location and alignment of PCB +):

Welding is the next step, crystal, small black bean because the low temperature tolerance, welding, not to remember
Let iron contact spot for far too long, otherwise very easy to put on the black bean burned. Small black bean recall that in accordance with the PCB on the map
Show the direction of the installation, with the anti-power, he will ascend to heaven. Q1, Q3, Q4 is 2 SC1815. Q6 is 2 SC1384, Q2 is
2SA1015. (Parts table, whichever is) please do not installed wrong. Q6 is relatively high, wait until Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 completion of welding
And then welded boost.

Another is the installation of capacitors, PCB marked on the white part for the negative, not with the wrong. 22u dwarf compared with 33 u,
Therefore, first installed.

Then the installation of High quality 2PIN Terminal blocks b(Plate with gold)

Then the high point of 330 u capacitance

The next step, it is simple, first installed on the relay, then with 330 u BP capacitance (BP for the Promise of capacitors, without
Consider polarity) and then is the 7812 installation. Installed after the diagram below.

The best welding and heat sink dead on the PCB, this would be more firmly. Come to the attention of the place, because the PCB thick copper foil,
So the iron wattage is the best choice of major, at least 40 W and above, there will be no comparison cold welding situation. Welding finished
, You can test for power.

Power test, the main speaker protection is to determine whether action. 3.5 transformer can not find the output to more than AC15V,
15-0 will be sub-received L3. Power after a few seconds (have not calculated, embarrassed, the default time in the big ask BEN),
Caledonia who will hear the sound relay, which means that the speaker protection are in operation, if a power immediately hear the sound Caledonia ride, or
Such as those for a long time no response, it said on the installation of a problem. May have to pay attention to, whether parts misplaced, or anti-loaded, the short circuit
Situation. In accordance with the above steps with a step-by-step down, basically not the problem. To test the protection of some of DC,
3.5 with batteries, L1 is received, L2 to negative. After the commencement speaker protection, the relay should be no reaction. On the map
-- Testing of way.

The package is not difficult to install, as long as the attention of some small details, such as transistors, capacitors and the entire bridge in the direction, not made a mistake, the installation
The time, I remember double-check the list of parts of parts. A low to high, step by step, on this black gold to protect the speakers installed.
It is very simple, and ... is that simple.