Kits of Power soft start control module(no lock SW) Note installed ~  by botton


Before the installation, please remember to download the circuit diagram and parts list! !

Part list.

Kits of Power soft start control module(no lock SW) and the Kits of Speaker protect module SMD has a number of original, but the same can use the plug-in Original style, if not familiar with the welding SMD for a friend can be considered to replace the original plug-in installed.

The installation steps remain the same, according to construction plans to ensure success: P. Parts of the first dwarf up to the assembly, I study
Used to be first inside the Original SMD to the first welding good. Plans are as follows:

After welding, then the resistance is lying. In a buffer to start the installation, pay attention to the PCB
C3, is used by a resistor-capacitor, for the appearance of the pink color, the color code for the top five (Note 1). Its
On the part of his parts in accordance with the table arrangements, the first test after the power table in one go is installed.
The photo shows after the installation under way:

Resistance after the installation is 16PIN IC socket, followed by bridge rectifier, it should be noted that there is the whole bridge
Direction. The IC Block, the best mark by the PCB is also in accordance with the direction of the installation, so as not to plug in the IC
When mixed. Is to come back in four blue-assembly capacitance of grass-roots up, which direction does not directly control
Parts marked the location of the table can be installed.


The transistor is installed, carefully controlled parts on the table, in addition, the plug-in when not to pay attention
In order to play against the PCB in accordance with the draw on the pattern of alignment can be inserted. In addition because the transistor itself span comparison,
Therefore, iron will not stay too long at the top, so there may be burned to the transistor. The
2SC1384 higher, so the first fuse assembly mounting up, and then assembled up to 1384. The installed
After the plans are as follows:

On the part of the fuse, BEN large in the PCB on the terminal reserved for Taiwan's design, if the machine has its
He fuses the location of the installation, this can Taiwan's terminal installed, and then line can be cited in the past, PCB's
Fuse Block on the need to install. Terminals installed in the location of the FUSE has marked the words of L3, an alternatives
Can be installed. (Note 2)


CO3 switch is installed on the location of the light plane, three-hole in the middle to GND, the other two is a significant
Show boot light, and that is a significant signal is turned off. Close to the L1 signal for the shutdown, close to the start CO4
Lights. According to your preferences to start light-emitting or shine can be turned off. I would like to choose a
A two-color LED, this machine can switch it shine, ha ha ha ha.

CO4 position switch is installed, has been included in the package rapid access JST gold-plated terminals and Taiwan, but the mother did not block it
BEN is a big trick right? Ha ha ....C Switch, the choice of their own preferences to install the switch. Side
A switch-reflexive use of the means allocated switch, or other non-section switch. No paragraph may choose to switch realaudio
This sale of the Non lock sw, noble, elegant and generous:).


Followed by the installation of capacitors, the first high up the installation of low capacitance, and then re-install terminals and Taiwan. Installed
After re-fitted with higher capacitance, and then relay. Capacitor installation, pay attention to recall polarity: P. The installation of capacitors from low to high, with the capacity of the capacitor C5 control,
Slow boot time, a detailed description of the circuit where they will have to write, here is the use of 47u, the default is 4
Seconds. In the 4.7 installation with 47u finished the two capacitor, the first to install gold-plated terminals in Taiwan, L1, L2. L1 is power
Input and output side, L2 is to provide relief to the start of the AC12 power input.


High quality 2PIN Terminal blocks b(Plate with gold) after the installation is the NTC installation. NTC buffer to start the connection through
BEN large that the boy known to use part of the draw that way. The following is a way to install, installation
According to the trade-off to determine the needs of the users. (Note 3)


(A) on February 2 and string, ABCD 4 points do not need any treatment, see the figure below:

(B) single use, jumper RT3, RT2 on the exposed copper at D (already cut), see figure:

(C) to link up the four, ABC Office, the exposed copper foil are cut off, the back of the front must be cut off, and D Department to open-end welding
, Followed suit on the back of a short circuit welding. See the figure below:

(D) to link up the two, mounted on RT4, RT2 can, see below:

(E) 3 teeth in the installation of RT4, RT1, A point of the exposed copper foil Department cut off, RT3, RT2 jumper in the A-side over the exposed copper foil
Cut, on the back also have to remember to cut off together. See the figure below:

Then continue to be fitted with C19, 220u capacitor; 7812 followed by regulators; is another C17, 1000 of capacitors.
The installation of the order will not affect the operation of the circuit, but in accordance with the installation of a high order in production would have been better to deal with.
After loading see the figure below:

The final assembly of up to two relays, which completed a gold medal and a buffer to start the installation of the Standard Edition. Install switches
The location, BEN large package of laws is a higher grade of gold-plated terminals JST Taiwan, but I just did not fit
Block's mother, so use this terminal.
Plans are as follows:

Once installed, and then is the power-on testing, testing whether or not to start relief operation, so long as connected to the L1
AC12V ~ 15V power, and since 7812 had not been installed heat sink, so the best mark in accordance with the PCB
AC12V voltage input. Confirm whether there is a relay operation in the pre-set time is up, one hear Da Cameroon
It said that the voice of the entire relief operation to start is normal, is then installed to be used later to level.
The test looks like, see the figure below:

Power off Power on


Note 1: pink-resistance capacitance (Taiyo Yuden out of Oh!) Installed in the C3, are designed to prevent switching
Bouncing. CO3 for the installation of LED indicator light, to take place in the middle. There are instructions boot or shutdown instructions
Install alternative.


Note 2: The fuse design, directly connected to the relay's path after the turn-on, not have to worry about post-open
Pulse machine problems, so they can choose to use the most can bear the most appropriate fuse in the current installed after the class,
To be the fuse protection.

Note 3: This is the first report of the installed capacity of 22 strings and a way to install, so do not need any of the