large current rectifier + Kits of PRE volume control module (Sample pcb)+LM3875

Hard up again recently installed a LM3875, the use of CLC filtering method
Output signals with multi-core copper raised the purity of single-core silver line, I admit that was a novice and-opportunity, the whole line is not good,
In the eyes of many people should be considered a waste it! But layman and the novice DIY spoof is it!
Assembly after the completion of the audition, Personal feeling up from the low frequency of the LM4780 fitted to the down-to-earth and low , background and more quiet,
Individuals also liked the sound of the end of this, no wonder so many people playing 3875

Figure A
Zhang to be on view

Figure B
After the power level with some of the current rectification (MUR860) + CLC filtering methods, the first C-class CDET 30uf with the PP capacitors, inductors LOOK-T is the teacher's production, originally used in the AX,
AX plans to sell later removed it to use, and the second C is MUSE KG 10000uf and rifa 0.1uf, capacitor or substantially was the better .....

Figure C
Volume control before the class part of the power mosfet with Dx the regulator can be regarded as a resource re-use it!
VR as part of the welding line is very difficult to squeeze .... Cc .. have not seen that shiny satin line ah?
In order to increase headache for the Silver Line and increase the difficulty of welding it is asking for trouble!
Silver should be ''Silver'' drug it too!


Figure D
Another point of view, the red circle is proof of the PCB to amend part of the copper foil is also full of thick cut bad ....

Figure E
Before the next level after level of some of the LM3875, the boy admitted that the entire line of the wire did not, because Silver Line is not cheap!
Saved, so to protect the speaker of the switch is also mounted on the back, but with multi-core copper wire is not easy to twist together
LM3875 power between the silver with 1.8 thick line connection ...

Figure F
LM3875 to the speaker terminals. With a switch to avoid the boot when the sound of touch ...


It took several days to complete the effort at last, after listening for a while preliminary, they feel a personal hearing and the LM4780 style --- like the sound field and have a good Resolution,
Perhaps with the filtering method to increase the capacitance with the CLC and shining bright silver line, individuals prefer the voice of the LM3875.

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